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IT Services

We are a modern hi-tech firm that does a broad spectrum of technical services in the business sector.

SNS Data provides clients a high level of IT Consulting Services for all their networking projects from LAN design and setup to network security and network monitoring. We can aid in your technical infrastructure support providing solutions to streamline your IT operating costs while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Cloud Services
Do you want to move your business computing needs into the Cloud? Hosted Email, Intranet Web Sites or Document Management systems are all ideal candidates. You can think in terms of the end product being a service that you get and not hardware that you have in-house. This is a great cost savings for most companies.

IT Management
Thinking about outsourcing your IT Department – We offer a complete management service of your current network by qualified IT Professionals.

Penetration Testing
Are you protected from external cyber-attacks? Keep your valuable data safe with regular firewall and website penetration testing. Find the vulnerable “holes” before attackers do!

Spam Solutions
Stop unsolicited emails from reaching your employees and increase their productivity. We are offering strategies to implement and combat Spam at your perimeter gateway and on your mail server.

Virus & Malware Solutions
Is your network already infected? We can provide tools to help Stop and Protect your valuable systems from one of the most common threats that companies are facing today.

Hi-Tech Investigations
We work with a Licensed Private Investigative company and can provide Solutions to your Cybercrime and Digital Forensics issues.

Disaster Recovery
Do you have a plan in place to protect your critical infrastructure from disruptive events including natural disasters. We provide Business Continuity Solutions to keep your vital Information Systems and critical business functions running smoothly.

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